Skimdevil PURE - 2020 - Robotic Pool Cleaner



The Skimdevil robotic pool cleaner effectively removes leaves, pollen, hair, insects, oils and other debris from the surface of your pool without your supervision. This solar-powered, automatic pool cleaner runs day or night in all varieties of pools and natural ponds. With its patent pending SkimSmart technology, Skimdevil is designed to map and clean the entire surface of the pool in the most efficient manner. For example, it easily redirects itself to maneuver around obstacles and continues cleaning even in tight spaces. In addition, during each skimming cycle, Skimdevil follows the perimeter of the pool and removes any particles resting by the edges. The battery also charges with natural light as its working throughout the day making nighttime cleaning cycles possible. Complete with Bluetooth capability, Skimdevil is the perfect combination of design ingenuity and extreme ease of use. It is fully customizable and by using your Android or iOS smartphone it can be programmed or guided via remote control. Just press START, place the robot in your pool and let the devil do your dirty work!

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