Meet skimdevil.

The future of pool surface robots



Clean pool every day without the work.

With the Skimdevil® robotic pool cleaner, leaves, pollen, hair, insects and oils are removed for the surface of your pool without your supervision. Press START, place the robot in your pool and let the devil do your dirty work.

Our automatic pool cleaner runs day or night in all types of pools and natural ponds. When it meets obstacles our Skimdevil® redirects itself. In addition, as it’s working during the day, the battery is charging naturally.

Did we mention no more hand skimming? Effortless pool cleaning at its best.


Advanced technology, yet simple to operate.

With its patent pending SkimSmart™ technology, Skimdevil® is designed to map and clean the entire surface of the pool in the most efficient manner. It easily maneuvers around obstacles and even cleans in tight spaces. During each skimming cycle, Skimdevil® follows the perimeter of the pool and removes any particles resting by the edges.

Complete with Bluetooth capability, Skimdevil combines design ingenuity with extreme ease of use.  It is fully customizable and can be programmed or guided using remote control via your Android or iOS smartphone.

Eco Friendly

Solar powered; save time and money.

Skimdevil® proactively cleans your pool before leaves and other particles sink to the bottom, and with no cords or cables there is no need to plug it in.

With the timely removal of floating debris, the solar powered Skimdevil® not only decreases the run cycle of pumps, but also reduces pool chemical usage leaving a cleaner, healthier pool.

Smartphone Integration

Control your Skimdevil® manually, check pool temperature, battery status, charging wattage and change usage settings all from your Android or iOS smartphone