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Say goodbye to tedious manual skimming and hello to hassle-free pool maintenance. SkimDevil floats effortlessly across the surface of your pool, utilizing its specially designed mesh basket that captures leaves, bugs, and even the smallest particles. With a basket that's 2.5 times larger than the competition, SkimDevil ensures a thorough clean every time, keeping your pool crystal clear.

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The SkimDevil automatic skimmer for pools

Experience Effortless Pool Cleaning with An Automatic Pool Skimmer

You’ll save time, money, and reduce wear and tear on your pool's filter system. The automatic pool skimming robot decreases the run cycle of pumps and minimizes the need for pool chemicals, resulting in a cleaner and healthier pool environment. Even better, the basket is easy to remove and clean, adding convenience to your maintenance routine.

The SkimDevil, a robotic pool surface skimmer
  • Swim More. Skim Less.

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What do our customers say about the first model?


What's not to love on this robot. It has saved our old filter, reduced the use of our other robot and has eliminated the pain in my arms from manual skimming and our pool has never looked this good. Currently have 1150hrs clocked and it's going strong. Thanks for coming out with this great product!

Terry H


We love this pool skimmer! We had a different one for two years but the company was unstable and we couldn't repair it. This one is even more awesome! It senses the walls instead of running into them; it's programmable so the motor doesn't run too much; it has a large collection bin that I can see from afar to check if it's full; I can even check the pool temperature from my app! It's a must have for any pool owner!!



I have a smaller pool with around 12K gallons. I love technology and am a bit lazy...this robotic pool cleaner gives me more time to swim instead of cleaning the pool. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The app was nicely designed too! If only my pool chemistry were this easy. Thanks for a great product!

Chris S


I have it programmed to run at night and the blue “headlights” are nice to watch at night.  It does a great job and saves me from using my Aquabot  more than once a week. Service, when rarely needed has been great from [SkimDevil].  Of course it helps them being just across the skyway in the Sarasota area (I live nearby).

Craig P