About Us

About Us

Who is Skimdevil? 

We are a small, family-founded and veteran-owned company located in the St. Petersburg/Sarasota area of Florida. Skimdevil was born of a frustration with ineffective, expensive, and subpar pool products on the market. We made an investment in our swimming pool and wanted to use it, so instead of continuing to buy products that don't work or break, we made something we could use and trust to do the job. We created Skimdevil—a solar powered, automatic, robotic pool skimmer easy-to-use, equipped with top technology, and designed to clean pools.

Our mission is to provide residential pool owners with products that are effective, efficient, and as environmentally friendly as possible. We believe in quality over quantity—we want to make absolutely sure we're providing our customers with the best product. At our company, we invest in people and our community—we're only as strong as our employees, our customers, and the inclusive culture we strive to cultivate every day. 

What have we been up to recently?

Since 2019, we've been focused on revitalizing our business and perfecting the Skimdevil Pure skimming robot. We've reworked the original Skimdevil Camio pool robot to make the Pure, nearly overhauling the first model, in an effort to improve our newest skimming robot. This has come with its own set of challenges.  The pandemic has slowed our efforts, but we've been working to persist through, despite it all, to produce and distribute a product we trust and believe in. 

We've brought on a few new team members and we've been working on testing, perfecting, and reworking our technology for the Skimdevil Pure. Our small team has been working on production, setting up our local warehouse space, and testing our automatic skimming product.

We know there have been some stops and starts throughout this process and we are grateful for our supporters. We truly appreciate the patience and loyalty of our current and future customers. You guys rock. 

Community Commitment:

We are committed to giving back to the larger St. Pete/Tampa/Sarasota communities. Our employees are encouraged to get involved in their communities. As an organization, we plan to specifically focus on nonprofit organizations that are connected to the ocean—we are nothing without clean and safe seas. Under this umbrella, special focus is given to those organizations that are combating environmental issues here in Florida and beyond, are veteran-connected, or serve at-risk youth and adults.

How can you contact us? 

Feel free to reach out at any time to: 


11161 E State Road 70
Suite 110-224
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202